Visual Artist & Art Curator
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ART: My main artistic medium is painting and performing. My artworks combine exquisite craftsmanship with conceptual and spiritual inquiries inspired by nature, history of particular place, mythology, magic, folklore, dreams and patterns. Here you can find my paintings and drawings currently on sale offer

Next to it I am developing my curatorial skills opening a possibility to work with artists from abroad who can be part of a Beyond Time residency program realised in collaboration with Bielska Gallery BWA in Bielsko-Biała in Poland since 2011.

Merkaba 70x70cm acrylic on canvas 2015 kopia

MUSIC: My new artististic path started to grow since I open up myself to music. In May 2015 I meet amazing people whith whom we formed a band called Mystic Lab, where I play on moutharp, shamanic drum and tank drum. I also work on the costumes and make-ups. Our music comes from our heart and soul. We play mainly improvisational , ethno music, going back to the roots of this craft. Using various ethnic and shamanic instruments, such as drums, didgeridoo, mouth harp, flute, etc. We journey into trance induced states that brings us to a place of the unknown.



Art For a Better Life
This Spring together with my friends and volunteers I painted over 62 meters long mural in Bielsko-Biała in Poland . 
Documentation & video


Besides making magical and symbolical paintings, since last year I work on a series of Landscapes

P1011999 kopia